Command Staff

 Chief Todd Stovall

The Chief of Police works under the direction of the Mayor.  The Chief is responsible for the police departments daily working operations. At this time there are 53 police officers and 6 civilians that fall under the direction of the Chief of Police.

Chief Stovall begin working for the Paragould Police Department in 1990. Since joining he has worked in Patrol, Criminal Investigations and Administration.

Todd is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard.  Todd is a member and past President of the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police.



Patrol Captain Brent McCain

The Patrol Captain works directly under the Chief of Police. The Patrol Captain commands the four Patrol Lieutenants and over sees the day to day activities of the Patrol Division. He also sets up extra duty assignments for special events. He also helps coordinates training for the Officers and makes sure they have the tools they need for duty. He investigates Citizen Complaints and makes sure that compliance is met.

He oversees the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program which is a Federal and State funded program that provides overtime monies for Officers to enforce Occupant Safety and D.W.I. Enforcement.  Along with this he also over sees Federal Grants that provide monies for equipment for the Department. 

Captain McCain obtained a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Risk Management from Arkansas State University in 1998 before starting with the Paragould Police Dept. as a dispatcher in September 1998.  In November 1998, McCain became a patrol officer and graduated Law Enforcement Training Academy; Class #99A. He was promoted Sergeant in 2008, Lieutenant in 2013, and Captain in 2017. Captain McCain graduated basic SWAT school, US Army SWAT School, and was part of the PPD SWAT team for 9 years. He is a certified police instructor, Field training officer, defensive tactics instructor, and is a private pilot. He was voted Law Officer of the Year in 2015 by the local Chapter of VFW.




Technology Captain Brad Snyder

Technology Captain Brad Snyder reports directly to the Chief of Police. Captain Snyder is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the Police department’s computer systems. The department operates over sixty computer systems that include office and police unit mobile computers. Captain Snyder also administrates the data and reporting systems, Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), and vehicle and body cameras. He is the point of contact for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and also serves the department as the Public Information Officer and social media administrator.  

Captain Snyder began his law enforcement career in January of 1997 as a dispatcher for the Greene County Sheriff's Department. In November of 1998, he was promoted to Deputy Sheriff.  He graduated from the Black River Technical College Law Enforcement Training Academy in November of 1999, Class 99-A, the first academy class to be held at BRTC. Captain Snyder began working for the Paragould Police Department in October of 2000. In addition to Patrol Officer, Captain Snyder served as a DARE officer and Public Information Officer before his ascent in the ranks within the department. Captain Snyder was promoted to Patrol Sergeant in 2013, Patrol Lieutenant in 2014, and Technology Captain in 2019. Captain Snyder is a 1996 graduate of Greene County Tech High School and holds an associate degree in Criminal Justice from Black River Technical College. He is a graduate of the Criminal Justice Institute's prestigious School of Law Enforcement Supervision and holds numerous law enforcement certifications, such as law enforcement instructor and field training officer, and currently has over 1100 law enforcement training hours.




Administrative Captain Brendan Baldridge

The Administrative Captain reports directly to the Chief of Police.  Captain Baldridge serves as the Sex Offender Registration Coordinator, and the Reserve Officer Program Coordinator.  Other duties include submitting monthly NIBRS reports to ACIC, overseeing training for the department, and any other tasks assigned by the Chief of Police. 

Captain Baldridge earned an Associate degree in Law Enforcement from ASU in 1991 and a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice from UALR in 1993.  He began his law enforcement career at the Paragould Police Department in December 1994.  Captain Baldridge attended the police academy in 1995 and finished at the top of his class academically.  He was promoted to Patrol Sergeant in 2001, Patrol Lieutenant in 2008, and to Administrative Captain in 2013.  Captain Baldridge is a Certified Police Professional Instructor, Firearms Instructor, and Field Training Officer.

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