Bland & Threlkeld Baseball Park

Bland Overview     Located at 1308 Carrol Road, Bland and Threlkeld Baseball Park is home to 10 baseball fields and ranks among the best in Arkansas and the Mid-South.  .  This park sits on 50 acres of land in the between Highway 49 and Highway 412.  Nine of the fields are maintained and operated by Paragould Parks and Recreation, and the American Legion Field is home to Paragould Post 17 Jr. and Sr. American Legion teams as well as the  GCT Eagles High School baseball team.  

     Paragould Youth Baseball (PYB) provides opportunities for kids ages 5-19 and serves over 700 kids each season.  For more information regarding signups please visit Paragould Youth Baseball.

     Fields may be rented by teams that are not associated with our league.  $25/hour with 2 hour minimum and $15 light fee (if needed) are the rates and must be paid prior to practice.  To schedule a practice, please visit .

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