Land Bank Commission

What is a Land Bank Commission?

A Land Bank Commission is an organization formed to revitalize and repurpose vacant or underutilized properties within our community. Essentially, it's a city initiative ran by commission members, with a purpose of strategically acquiring, managing, and developing these properties to foster economic growth, enhance neighborhood stability, and improve overall quality of life.

Our Purpose: Transforming Paragould Together

At the heart of Paragould's Land Bank is the commitment to transforming unused spaces into properties that can be better utilized by our community. Whether it's a vacant lot, abandoned building, or neglected property, the Land Bank aims to strategically acquire and manage these spaces, turning them into opportunities for economic development, affordable housing, and providing enhancements for existing community members who need it most.

By facilitating the responsible reuse of these properties, the Land Bank acts as a catalyst for positive change, promoting sustainable development and contributing to the overall well-being of our city. As we work collaboratively with residents, businesses, and local organizations, Paragould's Land Bank becomes a key player in shaping the future of our community, one property at a time.