Paragould Land Bank

City of Paragould Land Bank Commission Mission Statement

The City of Paragould Land Bank’s mission is to stabilize and revitalize abandoned properties to sustain and stimulate a more equitable and inclusive community. We will strive to acquire vacant and abandoned properties in an effort to reduce urban blight and return them to productive use, improve the health and safety of neighborhoods within the City of Paragould, and maximize the overall physical experience of residents and visitors beyond just our property inventory.

Commission Member: Commission Role: Email: Term Ends:
Pat Austin City Council Representative 12/31/24
Kimberly Dale At Large 12/31/25
Bobby Kasserman PLWC Commission Representative 12/31/25
Noah Tullos Banking Representative 12/31/26
Keith White Builder/Developer Representative 12/31/26
Tara Sexton Secretary/Treasurer N/A